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Protection Storage and Commercial Packaging is the face of the product life as customer's first encounter our business. We are products of both your face and your laugh Objectives are working with. Caglayan Decoration and Plastic Packaging Caglayan and Interior Plastic Packaging Ins. Singing. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Plastic And Packaging Industry in the Workspace with domestic and industrial plastic manufacturing of materials, marketing and started its sales operations into 1989, Bag Manufacturing Whether post-2000 target in years, and passed the Manufacturing Process of Vision and Direction. And Aluminium foil and packaging of the stretch of winding as well as contemporary with the indispensable need Disposable Plastic Cutlery and production of food containers together with the diversity of Each Day New Products Production Line has extra meat. Winding and latest technology used in packaging machinery Desirable Accompanied cemalerden Cutting Products can be improved. Crating and packing process as well as in the days of Manpower today are unable to Prevent Loss Haves Time Objectives can be achieved with an extremely fast production ease. The development of our company that never stops, with Development Agencies in Support Element in our country Structure And Again Economics Ministry Incentives Offered to Business Industry by the arm and support the Our Potential Mind Growth And Progress Our goal will be helpful for us Elements are used. Our objectives and our planning for 7000m2 to 5800m2 closed platform like the Board in the area of Afyonkarahisar Organized Industrial Certificate Serving Our company is Having A fleet of 11 cars. Fleet vehicles used in the logistics area needed by our customers products with a high carrying capacity and deliver the most effective format. People in Employment Area Business Opportunity Presented by our company with a team of 50 people is continuing its production activities. Skilled workers trained in the manufacturing sector Field Through Being the pioneers continues. Wealth products with the industry's most important needs of our company is that we do not ignore the most important issue by. Plastic And Packaging Industry Company Hosted on Diversity Structure in our product and in our country in 1200 Pen 5 Region Marmara Aegean Mediterranean Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia in active distribution takes place. Plastic And Packaging Area or used in household, industrial All Forms Supplies are delivered by Service. Greenhouse, Rotopas, Naksan, Shoot, LA Aypack Method Paper as Sector Leader of Product Group at Stand Task De undertaken by our company, 5 Marketing Specialist Through the received data of our customers is processed Strong Distribution Channels In Time Delivery Yapilir without Through the delay experienced. Companies working in high-Stocked emergency needs of our customers is beside them. And with the Quality Assurance System Certification ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 are our Guiding Document Enhancements our operations. It needs homeland from abroad as well as for our company with the meet, without sacrificing quality, people-oriented procedure is processed by a Working Principle. Winning the trust of our employees and our customers, our company is located in the Environmentally Sound Production Process constitute the main principles. Using the Production Line of Next Generation Injection Molding Machine Our company, with the experienced staff of the Market Products needed in a short time with the Least Fire concludes. Our facility is running at full capacity to the market Al Bandar Production Demands that all New Products Added Regarding R & D studies and prepare their planning. Our facility Confidence, Quality and Health trilogy merge our valued customers to our target Fieldwork Structure "Healthy Products" A Generation Will Continue. Yup… There are our goals and our dreams ... But to realize this dream True production. Right timing and the right price Our Principle Company.
Having laid the foundations in the year 2002 to meet the basic needs and requirements of Consumers, to carry out the production, packaging, and distributing the Market Products providing solution to daily needs, the GULF GROUP which carried out the production and marketing activities aimed at Market and Retail Points with its product range of 6 categories and 400 different products, is continuing its activities in its sector within a very rooted and institutional development trend. With its professionally working staff, in the successful adventure of marketing, distribution and production, assuming all as a whole from the material quality to transportation, from the technological and International standards to employers' quality within the Total Quality Sensibility, GULF GROUP, is applying a process in all Sales, Distribution and Marketing phases which is highly advanced and having international accreditation. Filling an important gap in its sector with more than 400 products in 6 categories as a result of that successful development, GULF GROUP, has been realizing the quality control in its entire works from the beginning of the production. In our company, following the Consumers' demands without cease and making the product developments which could satisfy those expectations continuously, our main principle is the definitive customer satisfaction based on persistence. Our company which deems the human and the responsibility to human being as its primary element is also feeling the right proud of carrying the brand NEW CITY out of the country borders, thus becoming a global player, through its exportation it realized to Europe, Middle east, Africa, and Balkan states. Our company will keep increasingly its studies it put forth alongside with the product and approach difference and the responsibility insight brought by it. Wishing you to choose us in our way to deserve you...
ABOUT US The history of TUTER PLASTIK SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI started in 2013 with a modest activity in the field of injection. In 2013, our company entered the packaging sector in order to diversify its product range. Considering the rapid development in the plastic injection and packaging sector and the increasing competitive environment, our company continues its journey with the investment of advanced technology and people by carrying the accumulation of the past to the future. Production in both fields is carried out with the most advanced technology and hygienic conditions in today's market. Today, when the world is fully integrated in the commercial sense and the borders between the countries have lost their importance, it continues its research and development studies for quality production and aims to be one of the leading companies in the market.